2nd International Congress on Excellence in Education, Türkiye

International Relations Office
Tuzla, 20 September 2022



We will hold our 2nd International Congress on Excellence in Education (IEXCEL) online on November 11-13, 2022, inspired by “make your own congress yourself” under the umbrella of our Association for Excellence in Education. Adhering to the basic principles of our association (transparency, accountability, etc.), everyone will pay their own fees at our congress. We strive to do the best for you. We know that different perspectives are needed for sustainable excellence in education. The theme of our congress is “Upside Down Education”. We welcome everyone who has something different to say in our congress. We know that our strength comes from one another, and we are YOU. We can do better and then, be our best together.

The abstracts of our participants will be published in the abstract e-book. In addition, if the full papers of our participants are adapted to the format of one of our international journals, they will be taken into the review process as per the decision of the editor of the relevant journal and may be published as an article free of charge until the end of the year.

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