ICEF 2022 Registration is now open!

International Relations Office
Tuzla, 21 September 2022


Dear Readers,

We are pleased to announce that the registration for the ICEF 2022 is now open on ICEF website!
Please take this opportunity to register from the link below.

The details of each session are also available. Please check the program page and find the session which interests you!!

There are more to come, our front-line speakers from industry, academia, and governments, with various ages, nationalities, and genders from around the world. More speakers’ information will be uploaded to the website as it becomes available, so please keep checking this page. Kindly note that the programs are subject to change.

Register now and save the date! We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, October 5 and Thursday, October 6, on-site and on-line!


ICEF Secretariat
c/o Japan Convention Services, Inc.