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Dragi studenti,

Na adresu našeg Ureda stigao je poziv od strane Mreže za izgradnju mira BiH, a koji vam u cjelosti prenosimo u nastavku. Za sve informacije, pišite na: ferdbih@gmail.com.

Training Course Program for Female Youth Workers – HER POWER (ERASMUS+)

Training Courses within the project HerPower are going to be implemented in Poland in 2021! Both training courses are going to take place in a central part of Poland – Lodz Voivodeship. The partnership consists of the following countries: Poland (coordinator), Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova, Georgia, Albania. 
Coordinator: Senfineco Association (Poland)

Partner organization for Bosnia and Herzegovina: Foundation for Economy and Rural Development

We are inviting female participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina to apply!

1. Content of the project:
-2 x training course:  2 x 8 days (8 working days + 1 / 2 travel days)
-Location: central Poland, close to the city of Łódź. Closest airports: Warsaw Chopin and Warsaw Modlin
-Project objectives:
-preparing project participants to work independently with girls, women and other discriminated groups
-equipping participants, and through them also partner organizations, with effective tools to counteract physical, mental and economic violence
-carrying out activities aimed at discriminated groups in the communities where the participants work on a daily basis
-strengthening partner organizations, deepening relationships, taking the next step on the path of long-term cooperation
-exchange of experiences between organizations in the field of counteracting discrimination and violence, developing effective solutions that have the potential for real change   

Profile of the participant: 
The participants of the training will be women (age:18+) working with youth: youth workers, teachers, activists. Participants are selected by partner organizations based on their motivation and competences, which will be confirmed in the application questionnaire.

We expect each participant to:
-have adequate experience in working with young people
-be motivated to participate in the entire project (two training sessions and the implementation of activities planned during the training)
-have access to girls and women or other discriminated groups with whom they can share knowledge, skills and competences gained through participation in the project
-be able to communicate in English
-actively work within the framework of the partner organization or for the benefit of the local community in the partner country
-have the potential to share the acquired knowledge with other people working against discrimination and violence
-have an extensive network of contacts in the area of her work
-be willing to share her own experiences and experiences of a partner organization with other project participants

Please note, that this training is designed only for female participants.

Expected results and impact after the mobilities:
Thanks to participation in the project, participants will develop their knowledge, skills and competences, and change their attitude in the area of topics related primarily to:
-discrimination and counteracting it
-critical approach to advertising and other cultural messages
-setting and respecting borders
-identifying their own strengths, dreams, values and goals
-resource management, including time management
-managing the change process
-social skills, including empathy, listening, communication, group work, and assertiveness
-planning and evaluation of activities for young people related to the issues raised during the training
-planning social businesses responding to the real challenges of discriminated groups
-raising funds for planned activities
-presenting your vision both online and offline
-discussing difficult topics considered taboo
-organizing similar trainings or local initiatives under the EKS or co-funding of the Visegrad Group; Participants will also learn how to continue acquiring knowledge through non-formal education initiatives (presentation of SALTO Youth, Coursera platforms, training proposed by National Agencies and those for which Partner Countries are eligible)

Participants will also plan small projects to be implemented between mobilites for their local communities.

2. Timeline: 
Taking into account the ongoing sanitary situation in Europe, please be ready for changes in the timeline. As for now, after the evaluation of the original plan,  the dates expected are: 
-Pre-selection of participants: 10.02.2021
-Selection of participants: 15.02.2021
-Online preparatory meeting with participants: between 15.02 and 1.03
-Itinerary plan completion: 15.03
-1st training: 7.04.-14.04.2021
-2nd training: 5.05 – 12.05.2021

Applicants should complete and submit the application form to: ferdbih@gmail.com
Application deadline: February 7, 2021 (23:59, Central European Time)
All applications should be submitted in English.

Deadline for questions: February 4, 2021 (23:59, Central European Time)

Her Power aplikacijski formular možete pronaći na: