Poziv za ljetnu školu na Međunarodnom Univerzitetu za psihoanalizu u Berlinu, Njemačka (za studente master studija)

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Tuzla, 13.05.2022. godine

Poziv za ljetnu školu na Međunarodnom Univerzitetu za psihoanalizu u Berlinu, Njemačka

(za studente master studija)



Dragi studenti,

Zaprimili smo poziv za prijavu na ljetnu školu od strane Međunarodnog Univerziteta za psihoanalizu – IPU u Berlinu, Njemačka, a koji vam u cjelosti prenosimo u nastavku. Za sve informacije, molim vas da se direktno obratite IPU Berlin na email: international@ipu-berlin.de.

Aplikacijski formular se nalazi u OVDJE.


            Call for Applications

Social Trauma in Changing Societies (STICS) Summer School

Screening the Scars – The (In-) Visibility of Social Trauma


(including the elective course “Social Trauma”)

International Psychoanalytic University Berlin


STIC Sconnects students and professors from nine universities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Serbia, and Turkey, building upon an intensive ten-year cooperation. The network strengthens transregional academic cooperation on the frame topic of Social Trauma, which is highly relevant in all participating countries, with huge influence on the evolution of civil society.

In the last decade, the term trauma has gained a surprising, sometimes almost inflationary, presence in sociological and media debates. In a mediatized culture of outrage, generalized narratives of victimization often overshadow concrete, known social injuries and their observable real economic and psychological consequences.

The Summer School 2022 aims to compare media discourses with concrete historical backgrounds and psychosocial constitutions of the countries involved. Using feature film as a paradigm, we will show how different problems concerning social trauma are negotiated in different societies and which designs cinema provides to narrativize them. The embedded course “Social Trauma” for master students, accredited at most participating universities, will accompany plenary lectures and panels with internationally renowned top scientists and movie directors.

STICS 2022 will deepen the successful networking of universities partly from former hostile countries as well as from post-dictatorial societies in the Balkans and Turkey among each other and with the IPU Berlin.

In 2022, Screening the Scars, the STICS network’s 11th summer school on Social Trauma, aims to

  • teach students specific knowledge on social trauma and its social and mental health consequences
  • help students develop research skills in the area of Social Trauma in direct contact with researchers and practitioners
  • provide experience in cross-cultural research and teaching


The plenary lectures and discussions as well as the CST modules of the 7 day summer school cover an interdisciplinary approach on Social Trauma, from Memory Studies, Developmental, Clinical, and Social Psychology, Research Methodology, and Ethics to Cultural Theory. All participants will receive 5 ECTS credit points and a participation certificate, after successful completion and handing in a portfolio.


All psychology master students and neighboring disciplines from IPU.


  1. Application form
  2. Short CV (max. one page)
  3. Letter of motivation (max. one page)
  4. Grades overview

Please state whether you want to use this course as your obligatory elective course (CST), and send all documents, preferably in one pdf file, by e-mail to: international@ipu-berlin.de


  1. Academic achievements
  2. Convincing motivation
  3. Engagement in related projects and/or related career perspectives
  4. Order of appearance

Please note that preference is given to master students in their final study term(s)!


The summer school is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

For IPU students and students from the STICS network:

The funding will be allocated to 10 IPU students (more students can participate, but they will have to contribute up to 100€). The funding covers the following services:

  • Entry fee for the Kant Kino for the 5 movie nights
  • All lectures, workshops, excursion, and other university events during the Summer School
  • Welcome cocktail

For international students from universities of the STICS network, according to country:

  • Lump sum for accommodation: 273€
  • Lump sum for travel expenses for students from
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 475€Bulgaria: 400€
Serbia: 300€Turkey: 425€


The application deadline is 27 May 2022.