Scientific Conferences in Burgas, Bulgaria

Rector's Office
Tuzla, 11 March 2022


Dear Colleagues and Partners,

Given the experience we have since 2021, we agreed that August is the safest month to hold scientific Conferences in Burgas, Bulgaria.

The goal is to guarantee to ensure our attendees, partners, and staff's health and safety.

Following a discussion, the Organizing Committee approved the conduct of the following scientific conferences in 2022:

Agriculture and Food, 10th International Conference, 16-19 August ;

Ecology and Safety, 31st International Conference, 16-19 August ;

Materials, Methods and Technologies, 24th International Conference, 19-22 August ;

Economy and Business, 21st International Conference, 22-25 August – Read More;

Education, Research and Development, 13th International Conference, 25-28 August ;

Language, Individual, and Society, 16th International Conference, 25-28 August

With COVID-19, many scientists may encounter travel difficulties. Therefore, we decided to allow participants to change the type of presentation (oral, poster, or online) up to 30 days before the conference's actual date.

Online participants can present oral presentations and posters; they will receive all printed materials (program, certificate, etc.) from the event and publish their papers. There is no limit to the number of changes allowed in the presentation type.