Stairway to quality in VET

International Relations Office
Tuzla, 6 April 2022


The project rationale

Erasmus+ Program offers a range of opportunities for competences improvement of vocational students. Nevertheless, those opportunities seem to be underexplored in many countries and schools often pay consequent amounts of money for consultancies in order to develop Erasmus+ Mobility Projects.


Horizont ProConsult is an entity supporting excellence in education, specifically in the VET field, by the development of learning programs for work based learning practices for students from vocational schools. Together with other organizations actively involved in the VET sector, Horizont ProConsult prepares materials that help vocational schools to develop work based learning practices for their students abroad thanks to the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program. 


Regardless of the already expertise offered several vocational institutes and educational institutions often request for guidelines and support in the development and implementation of international apprenticeships and work based learning practices for their students. However, the capacities of their actions remain limited because of lack of appropriate training of the human resources, limited time for preparation of proposals, as well difficulties in partner finding. Such professional guidance and counselling as well action plans are considered as highly necessary in different VET realities and a lack of such opportunities is declared.


Stairway to quality in VET