Coimbra Group launches Scholarship Programme for short research stay in Europe

Coimbra Group Scholarship Programme

International Relations Office
Tuzla, 23 February 2022


The programme is intended for young researchers and staff from universities in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the European Neighbourhood. Brussels, February 01, 2022 – Coimbra Group member universities are offering almost 80 scholarships for young professors and researchers that are both national and residents of Latin American, Sub-Saharan Africa or European neighbourhood countries. With the aim to enable scholars to internationalise the research they perform at their home institution and help them establish academic and research contacts in Europe, the initiative will specifically support shortterm research visits to one of the 20 participating universities on the European Continent.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted online through the official Coimbra Group website:
Please note that each regional scholarship programme has specific requirements and that a letter of acceptance must be provided by an academic supervisor at the host university. The deadline for submissions is 15 April 2022 at midnight (Brussels time, UTC+01:00).


Coimbra Group Scholarship Programme 2022