Employees of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences visited the University of Pecs as part of the mobility program Erasmus+

International Relations Office
18 October 2021


Prof.Dr. Tanja Pavlović and Prof.Dr. Nihada Delibegović Džanić spend several days at the University of Pecs as part of the Erasmus+ mobility program and conducted eight hours of lectures.


They also held lectures at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at the Pécs branch on the topics: The Use of Collaborative Protocols in Translation Didactics and Late Evening Political Humor and Theory of Conceptual Integration.


In addition to the above teaching activities, they attended meetings at the Department of English Language and Literature in order to further improve cooperation between our institutions and especially to encourage the exchange of students and teaching staff.


Zaposlenici Filozofskog fakulteta posjetili Univerzitet u Pečuhu u okviru progama mobilnosti Erasmus+