EUTOPIA Western Balkans Workshops

Tuzla, 07 April 2022


We would like to extend you an invitation for our fifth EUTOPIA Western Balkans workshop titled Towards inclusive universities .

The workshop will take place April 11-12, 2022 .


As a network of ten partners, EUTOPIA puts a lot of effort into developing and strengthening relationships with its external stakeholders, especially with the Western Balkans institutions.

Consequently, EUTOPIA’s Work Package 5.2 focuses on regional inclusion in the region of Western Balkans by organizing workshops for leadership, academic and administrative staff, as well as students.

During the workshops, the audience has the opportunity to listen in and discuss various topics, from internationalization strategies to inclusion and diversity, the latter of which is the central theme of our upcoming workshop.


See the programme of the workshop.

For registration:

– EUTOPIA2050 Western Balkans workshop day 1.

– EUTOPIA2050 Western Balkans workshop day 2.