RAD 2023 Conference

RAD 2023 Conference
Tuzla, 02 March 2023
We are very glad to invite you to participate in RAD 2023 Conference which will be held at Hungest Hotel Sun Resort, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, in the period from June 19 to June 23, 2023 (www.rad2023.rad-conference.org).

Given that we have long expanded the topics of RAD conferences, after ten conferences held so far, we decided to change the name, and as you can see, the name of the RAD 2023 conference is the Eleventh International Conference on Radiation, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Technology and Ecology. We have thus included other areas, which have been already presented at RAD conferences, but were not highlighted. The RAD 2023 Conference is for physicists, chemists, biologists, medical doctors, engineers, researchers, professionals, young researchers, students and many others. You can participate as an active participant (one of abstract authors) or as a passive participant (no abstract).
Please look at the conference topics, and we are absolutely sure that you will find some interesting topics that match your scientific interests: www.rad2023.rad-conference.org/topics
The RAD Conference Proceedings (www.rad-proceedings.org) is published once a year and the publication of the paper is not included in the conference fee. Every year, the quality of the proceedings is getting better, the reviewers are from all over the world and completely independent from us, and usually a fifth of the papers are rejected. If the conference fee includes the publication of papers in the proceedings, then all papers are automatically accepted and cannot be rejected, because they have already been paid for, which determines the quality of the proceedings.

We would like to thank and congratulate all the participants of Spring and Summer editions of RAD 2022 Conference for very nice presentations:

www.rad2022-spring.rad-conference.org and

www.rad2022-summer.rad-conference.org !

Videos of Spring Edition and Summer Edition are:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMKbCGru7CA and 


Herceg Novi is certainly very convenient because there are Tivat and Dubrovnik airports that are about one hour drive away from Herceg Novi (Dubrovnik airport is especially attractive because it has a lot of flights). For more information about flights and airport transfers please visit the following conference webpage: www.rad2023.rad-conference.org/transportation .

For airport transfer contact several companies because the prices are different. Usually, the price is 10 EUR per person from/and to Tivat airport for a place in mini-bus, and 50 EUR for a taxi for 1-4 persons from/to Tivat or Dubrovnik airport. There is no min-bus from/to Dubrovnik airport to Herceg Novi and vice versa.

RAD conferences are unique and different from all other conferences, primarily intended for people who like their specifics. You will have unforgettable experiences on them!

We invite you to another unforgettable RAD! Come to Herceg Novi, participate in 11th RAD Conference, feel the spirit of RAD conference and become a member of the huge RAD family!

All information can be obtained on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and via E-mail!