Report on the seminar “Various aspects of pain”

The seminar “Various aspects of pain” was organized within the framework of the project HEPMP, and as an activity of WP 3 (Development of LLL courses and interventional courses in pain medicine);3.1.Sharing LLL courses on Pain Medicine at PCs Primary Health Centers of PCs.
After preparation of the educational material, five teachers have been selected and they prepared presentation for the selected area. The educational event is accredited as a seminar of the first category with the highest number of KME points. A leaflet was prepared containing the program of the meeting and the decision on accreditation. The leaflet in digital format is posted on the official website of the University of Tuzla, the Medical Chamber of the Tuzla Canton, the Association of Anesthesiologists and Resuscitators in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, the leaflet was sent as an invitation to potential participants.
Due to the epidemiological situation, the seminar was held online using the ZOOM platform. The link to registration and access to the platform was published on a leaflet. The date of the seminar was June 16, 2021 from 17:00.
The seminar started at 17:00 by registration of participants. Coordinator of the team from University of Tuzla welcomed everyone. She presented the goals and objectives of the project, as well as the activities carried out by the team of University of Tuzla. She stressed the importance of the participation of the Faculty of Medicine in Tuzla in this project, as well as the importance of the topic. She stressed the importance of the project and the implementation of activities to educate medical professionals about the topic of pain, which is very important, but often underestimated.
There were five lectures about pain, during which facts were presented from the stress reaction of the body to the action of a painful stimulant, the confrontation of family medicine doctors with patients complaining of pain, pleural and abdominal pain, to the extremely significant topic of cranial neuralgia.
Discussion started after the presented topics. In addition, participants were encouraged to download training materials from the HEPMP website in the form of pdf presentations. The seminar was completed by solving the test, filling out an assessment questionnaire and by giving certificates to participants.

Tuzla, 26 August 2021                                                                                                               Team Coordinator:

Dr. Jasmina Smajić


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