The Conference of the Association of Balkan Universities was successfully completed

Organized by the University of Tuzla, the Conference of the Association of Balkan Universities on the topic: “Academic Cooperation, Challenges and Future Perspectives in the Balkans” was successfully completed today.

The third panel of the BUA Conference organized by the University of Tuzla on the topic: “Youth and youth participation in the Balkans” was moderated by Prof. Dr. Vesna Bratovčić, vice-rector for international cooperation from the University of Tuzla.

Numerous speakers took part in the inspiring discussion, including: Anaïs Girard, attache for cooperation of the Embassy of France in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Edelhida Dervišević Šehić, secretary general of the BRAVO BiH organization.

Speakers from the University of Tuzla were Prof. Dr. Nermina Kravić, child and adolescent psychiatrist and group analyst from the University Clinical Center Tuzla and Prof. Dr. Meliha Bijedić from the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation at the University of Tuzla.

Ajla Ruvić from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Tuzla Canton also participated in the discussion; Mirela Omerović, entrepreneur and owner of “Momentum Consulting” and expert for entrepreneurship development at the Impakt foundation; Ammar Grabić, vice president of the Tuzla Canton Youth Council; Ajla Kuluglić, young European ambassador for the Western Balkans; Naida Salković, Association of Medical Students of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BoHeMSA).

Young entrepreneurs Lejla Burgić and Benjamin Mrkonjić also contributed.

Among the conclusions of the discussion from the third panel are the following: Young people in the Balkans have boundless energy, creativity and determination. When given the necessary support, opportunities and platforms, they can lead the way in driving progress and innovation across sectors; The mental health of young people is important. Comprehensive mental health support systems are imperative to ensure that young people have the resilience needed to actively participate in society; Youth unemployment remains a pressing problem in the Balkans, but entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation offer promising ways to address this challenge while boosting economic growth; An inclusive approach, which values ​​diverse perspectives, is key to addressing the complex challenges facing the region. It was especially emphasized that the participation of young people in social processes is the foundation for the development of a democratic society.


“Migration in the Balkans: Challenges and future perspectives”

The final panel on “Migration in the Balkans: Challenges and future perspectives” was opened by Professor Erhan Tabakoğlu, Rector of Trakya University and Secretary General of the Association of Balkan Universities.

Rector Tabakoğlu talked about the numerous challenges faced by young people in smaller communities in the Balkans, which often lead to the tendency to emigrate. Lack of job opportunities, limited access to education and cultural factors often make these environments less attractive for young people. In addition, the lack of infrastructure and availability of services also plays a role in their decision to leave. In order to stop this trend, it is necessary to invest in the development of smaller communities, create new opportunities for employment and education, and promote cultural diversity and social activism.

He noted and emphasized the importance of understanding the current Balkan situation when it comes to the departure of young educated personnel to Western Europe.

Rector Tabakoğlu said that “universities should be leaders of social changes and bearers of ideas of progress”. He proposed a joint document of the university network on the topic of migration, as well as research on the attitudes of young people in countries whose universities are members of BUA.

To ask for asylum is a human right

Prof. Dr. Deniz Eroğlu Utku presented research on the “Balkan Migrant Route”, which she stated is the “most active” migrant route. Professor Eroğlu Utku also spoke about events in which the concept of “state security” became more prominent, such as September 11, the “Arab Spring”, conflicts around the world that contributed to migration processes. She emphasized that “seeking asylum is a human right”.

“Future Perspectives Regarding The Migration in the Balkans” was the topic of the presentation of the Lect. Ph.D. Enes Turbić. He spoke about the role of migration in social and political processes in the Balkans, emphasizing that migration in the Balkans is not an unknown phenomenon. He paid special attention to migrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ending his presentation with Šantić’s verses: “Stay here”.

Rector of New York University in Tirana, Prof. Dr. Erkan Erdemir spoke about the problem of depopulation as a loss, not only of people but also of the future, given that there will be a lack of citizens who would be the driving force of society. Prof. Dr. Birol Cetin also joined the discussion.

We would like to remind you that the organizer of this year’s Conference of the Association of Balkan Universities is the University of Tuzla, and the 2023 BUA Conference is chaired by the Rector of the University of Tuzla, Prof. Dr. Nermina Hadžigrahić.

The University of Tuzla is the organizer of the Conference


The Conference of the Balkan Association of Universities successfully finished

Uspješno završena Konferencija Balkanske asocijacije univerziteta