BESTSDI Summer School in Split



Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering
Tuzla, 10 July 2018


Within the framework of the Erasmus + project of BESTSDI (Western Balkans Academic Education Evolution and Professional Sustainable Training for Spatial Data Infrastructures) participates 11 universities from the Western Balkans (partner countries) and 5 universities from the programme countries of Belgium, Macedonia, Germany and Croatia. The University of Zagreb (Faculty of Geodesy) is project coordinator.



The five-day workshop, brought together 50 participants, at the workshop was presented the curriculum for three modules (basic, advanced, applicative) from the Spatial Data Infrastructure area that was developed within the project and which partners from partner countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia) will implement in to their study programs at 15 faculties during the next academic 2018/19 year.


Contents developed will be part of existing teaching subjects, new elective or compulsory courses, or new study programs depending on the profile of the study and institution, since the project combines faculties that conduct study programs in architecture, geodesy, geo-informatics, geography, geology and mining, computer science, agriculture, engineering sciences and forestry.


This workshop successfully achieved project goals that are planned for implementation during the first half of the project, which is consolidated in the Mid-Term Report submitted to the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual Creation and Culture of the European Commission (EACEA).

More information on the summer school and the BESTSDI project can be found on the project web site: