E-learning and Problem-Based Learning


Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Tuzla, 22nd September 2017

During period from 10th to 17th September 2017 at the University of Leon (Ponferrada), Spain was held an intensive training with an aim of professional training of professors as part of the Erasmus+ ‘GEOWEB’ (Modernizing geodesy education in Western Balkans with emphasis on competences and learning outcomes) entitled: ‘Workshop is an eLearning and PBL (Problem-Based Learning) Pedagogy ‘.

During six-day activities, our colleagues shared their experiences with the collegues from Universiyt of Leon about the following topics:

– The basics of e-learning through the Moodle platform (course and task management and on-line evaluation); advanced topics in Moodle (questionnaires, parameterization of exercises, self-assessment tasks and review) and how to install and maintain Moodle on the server.
-The introduction with many specialized web sites used for e-learning as well as practical work with some of them.
– Particularly interesting and innovative was the introduction with m-learing using mobile phones with installed appropriate applications.
– Problem-based learning (PBL) was also elaborated; how to implement Problem teaching in geodesy education and related disciplines and how to organize a course with the application of Problem teaching to teaching contents.

The Department of Geography of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Tuzla is a participant in this project. The workshop was attended by Alma Kadušić, PhD, Suad Kunosić, PhD and Edin Hadžimustafić, PhD, Local Coordinator for the University of Tuzla.


E-learning and Problem-Based Learning

Održan trening iz e-nastave i problemske nastave