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The University of Tuzla and YSY Foundation (the Netherlands) cooperated in different projects. One such project is International Summer University (LJUT) which became well known in the region. Every summer since 1996 students from Europe, North America and Australia gather in Tuzla and participate in various courses. It is worth noting that the number of participants from BH universities is gradually increasing. The first three year Summer University Tuzla was organized by YSY and Tuzla University students and professors. Since then, the University of Tuzla has entirely taken over the implementation of the project.

As the name implies, the Summer University is held in the summer, the month of July every year, which coincides with the period when the classes are over. Therefore, a number of students can participate since their workload is significantly lessened during this period.

LJUT has three objectives. The first objective LJUT seeks to achieve is information exchange. International experts in the field of medicine, economy, linguistics, technical and natural sciences share their knowledge and skills to the BH students, teaching assistants, professors and experts. Another objective is to create a network of international contacts which will lead to new projects and initiatives. Finally, LJUT aims to create a joint space for cooperation among the students from BH and entire former Yugoslavia.

It is worth mentioning that the crucial factor for successful development of BH is to eliminate ethnic polarization. In order to achieve this, the citizens need to be provided with the access to unbiased information. On the other hand, individuals or groups who want to be informed on situation in the country should be presented with the opportunity to travel and communicate with others. In the recent years, local and international organizations have contributed significantly to achieving this aim. LJUT is one of the examples which provide opportunity for people to meet and exchange information and experiences. The success of LJUT lies in the fact that it gathers students from all BH universities which is reflected in positive development of BH. All students, regardless of the place they come from, have the same needs and desires. They want to acquire good education which will prepare them for their future careers.