Autism in the Age of Corona

Relations Office
Tuzla, 4 June 2020


The second day of the 25th jubilee Summer University in Tuzla was marked by an interesting lecture by Dr. Nenad Glumbić, Full Professor at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, University of Belgrade.

In his lecture entitled Autism in the Age of Corona Professor Glumbić presented to the participants data on support models for people with autism during an emergency crisis caused by COVID-19, as well as on how parents and therapists respond to a crisis situation. He also outlined the ethical dilemmas faced by autism therapists in the world and in our region during this worldwide pandemic. Professor Glumbic is part of a team of autism therapists, psychologists, special education therapists and doctors from Serbia who have made an online consultation for people with autism and their parents/guardians. Users are not only people from Serbia, but also from Bosnia and Herzegovina and other parts of the Balkans. In addition, through actual practice examples, Professor Glumbić explained the phenomena of unrealistic optimism and empathic fatigue, which are special topics for parents of children with autism.

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