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Welcome to our community - the academic community of more than 11,000 current students and about 1,000 professors, teaching assistants and employees of the University of Tuzla who participate in the educational process at the largest and oldest higher education institution in Northeast Bosnia. News

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The Most Succesfull Students Of The University Of Tuzla

The University of Tuzla, marking 46th anniversary, gave a special honor to the best students who completed their undergraduate studies in the academic year 2022/2023. Seven of them finished their...

Erasmus+ projekta "INTERBA" na Univerzitetu u Tuzli

Successfully Realized Workshops and Re-Training within the Erasmus+ Project “INTERBA” at the University of Tuzla

The University of Tuzla participates within the Erasmus+ project entitled ”INTERnationalization at Home: Embedding Approaches and Structures to Foster Internationalization at Western Balkans/INTERBA. On December 28 and 29, 2022, hybrid...

Svečana promocija diplomanata i magistranata Univerziteta u Tuzli

Solemn promotion of graduates and masters of the University of Tuzla

The solemn promotion of graduates and masters of the University of Tuzla was held on 22 December 2022.A total of 723 graduates and masters, divided into three groups, were promoted...

Sastanak menadžmenta Univerziteta u Tuzli sa osnivačem BH Futures Foundation

Meeting of the Management of the University of Tuzla with the Founder of BH Futures Foundation

Prof.Dr. Nermina Hadžigrahić, Rector of the University of Tuzla, held a meeting with the Founder of the BH Futures Foundation, Prof. Dr. Edhem Čustović. -.-.-.-.- RECTORATTuzla, 23 December 2022  ...

Izložba „Univerzitet u Tuzli Retroperspektiva“

Rector Hadžigrahić opened the “University of Tuzla Retrospective” exhibition

The "University of Tuzla Retrospective" exhibition was officially opened on 21 December at the Rectorate of the University of Tuzla marking the 46th anniversary of the University of Tuzla. "The...

Svečano podizanje zastave Univerziteta u Tuzli - Kampus Univerziteta u Tuzli

Raising a flag of the University of Tuzla at the University Campus

During the year 2022, by carrying out a series of activities, the University of Tuzla Campus project became a center of the wider social community. This year, the University of...

Nacrt Regulacionog plana za Kampus Univerziteta u Tuzli

Draft Regulatory Plan for the Campus of the University of Tuzla

Draft of the Regulatory Plan of the Campus of the University of Tuzla was adopted at the session of the City Council of the City of Tuzla, held on 30...


  University of Tuzla will mark its anniversary by a series of scientific, cultural, artistic and sporting events in the period from 8th December to  22nd December 2022.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) na Univerzitetu u Tuzli

The first meeting on launching Erasmus Student Network (ESN) held at the University of Tuzla

The International Relations Office of the University of Tuzla organized on 12 November 2022 the first team-building meeting of University of Tuzla students with the Erasmus Student Network Bosnia and...

Radni sastanak predstavnika Kantonalne privredne komore Tuzla i Univerziteta u Tuzli

Working meeting of the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce Tuzla representatives and the University of Tuzla

A working meeting was held with the representatives of the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce Tuzla at the University of Tuzla. The meeting was attended by Nedret Kikanović, president of the...

Univerzitet u Tuzl - Svečana akademija prijema brucoša u akademsku zajednicu, oktobar 2022.


A Solemn Academy for the academic year 2022/2023 was held on 3 October 2022, at the University Hall for freshmen of the University of Tuzla. -.-.-.-.- Rector's OfficeTuzla, 3 October...

Summer School On Environmental DNA Metabarcoding Successfully Implemented At The Department Of Biology, University Of Tuzla

Organized by the University of Tuzla and the University of Duisburg – Essen (Germany), within the Ecobias Erasmus project, a Summer School in the field of environmental DNA metabarcoding was...

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