Doctoral Dissertation Repository Created

Tuzla, 24 May 2014


The University of Tuzla website posted links for Phaidra Repository  and E-thesis (under entries Library and Content).




E-thesis is a system storing defended doctoral dissertations at the University of Tuzla and represents a part of the prospective institutional repository that provides depositing options for the purpose of creating a unified database of digital, permanently archived data. Creating an institutional repository will provide better access to information for academic staff and students, and will, at the same time, eliminate the risk of losing documents.

All theses that are stored in the E-thesis in PDF format, in accordance with the Regulations on Creating Repository, are also available directly from COBISS. Availability of electronic dissertations will increase the use of results from dissertations and provide the audience with insight into the quality of doctoral dissertations defended at the University of Tuzla.