Univerzitet u Tuzli - Dan Mirze Delibašića


On Saturday, a program was implemented at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports related to the celebration of Mirza Delibašić birth, the greatest athlete that Bosnia and Herzegovina had and who was born on 9 January 1954 in Tuzla.

This year, the program, which was implemented for the fourth time in the organization of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, had three parts. First, those that were present had the opportunity to watch a film about Mirza Delibašić, made by colleagues from the BHbasket portal, Edin Skokić and Nedim Salaharević. At the Faculty were present both Mirza’s colleagues and friends from basketball and school days.

In the second part of the event was promoted the first number of the expert magazine “The World of Basketball”. In addition to acquainting everyone present with the content of the journal, the authors of the articles Prof. Dr. Edin Užičanin and basketball referee Ademir Zurapović presented part of their reflections on basketball to the audience.

In the third part of the program, everyone present were able to see a set of photos about Mirza Delibašić, and in the space provided for the Tuzla Olympians, the jersey of basketball referee Ademir Zurapović was placed.

At the end of the program, the audience was informed that 2022 is important for the Faculty because it will mark 60 years of education in physical culture, 20 years of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, the 15th International Symposium “Sports and Health”, and 5th “Mirza Delibašić Day”.


“Mirza Delibašić Day”

„Dan Mirze Delibašića“