University of Tuzla will mark its anniversary by a series of scientific, cultural, artistic and sporting events in the period from 24 November to 16 December 2021.

Numerous events will take place in the following period, and the celebration of this important anniversary began with a round table on the topic “The significance of ZAVNOBIH for the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina: 78 years later”. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was an organizer of this significant event for the state and University of Tuzla.

In the following period, the University of Tuzla will host numerous events, starting with the fourteenth international Symposium “Sport and Health” which will be held on 2 December that will be organized by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.

The Faculty of Economics will be organizing the 7th ICEI 2021 International conference “Integration Economics” on 3 December.
The indoor soccer student tournament is planned for 7 December at the University Sports Hall, while the Futsal Tournament for employees will be organized on 9 December.

University plans to promote graduates and postgraduates on 13 and 14 December and on 14 December the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the University of Tuzla will perform the play “GRETICA pg. 89 “.

The ceremony for doctors of sciences is scheduled for 15.12. in Amphitheater 2 at the Faculty of Philosophy of Tuzla University. The ceremonial promotion of the doctors of science is planned for 15 December at the Amphitheater 2 of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Tuzla.

Ultimately, on 16 December the Ceremonial Academy of the University of Tuzla will be organized at the Mellain Hotel in Tuzla. The University of Tuzla with these events marks 45 years of existence, work, perseverance on the path of acquiring and promoting knowledge and its importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina and society in general.
The values on which the University is founded have survived and been built all these years. University of Tuzla has shown that knowledge and quality have no competition, and that knowledge is the only answer to modern problems in society and the world, but is also the only basis for successful future planning and consideration of one’s own past.

That is why this jubilee, as well as the previous ones, and the upcoming ones, is extremely important for the University of Tuzla, but also for the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, it will be marked with dignity and quality.

All measures planned to be implemented will be carried out in accordance with the epidemiological recommendations of the relevant institutions.