Izložba „Univerzitet u Tuzli Retroperspektiva“


The “University of Tuzla Retrospective” exhibition was officially opened on 21 December at the Rectorate of the University of Tuzla marking the 46th anniversary of the University of Tuzla.


Rektorica Hadžigrahić otvorila Izložbu „Univerzitet u Tuzli Retroperspektiva“


 “The University of Tuzla is the culmination of centuries rich history of material and spiritual progress in the region of northeastern Bosnia. The founding of the University was a decisive moment that definitively brought Tuzla into the ranks of the demographic, economic and cultural centers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The tradition of 46 years of existence began with the signing of the Agreement on Association into the University on 18 November 1976 in Sarajevo, and the opening ceremony was held on 18 December in Tuzla, which resulted, that the University is organizing and carrying out the teaching-scientific process at 12 faculties and one Academy. Bearing in mind all of the above, it was agreed to create an exhibition to mark the 46th anniversary of the University of Tuzla, which will be in the form of a permanent exhibition called “University of Tuzla Retrospective”, with which we want to show the history of the University, which is extremely rich and less known to the general public. “, said Rector Hadžigrahić, who opened the exhibition.

Prof. Dr. Izet Šabotić, one of the authors of the exhibition, addressed to everyone saying that the exhibition follows the historical development of education in the Tuzla region and the University of Tuzla.

Through the exhibition, there is also a review of the infrastructural, personnel and scientific potential of the University, which developed with each new generation of students. Academic staff, through projects of international cooperation and scientific research activities advanced very much in all aspects.



The opening of the exhibition was also attended by the representative of the City of Tuzla, Mr. Almir Šuta, Secretary in the City Administration, who greeted everyone and emphasized the importance of displaying the historical development of the University.

The cultural and artistic program was completed by the students of the Elementary Music School Tuzla, as well as ballerinas from the Department of Classical Ballet.

The exhibition was made in cooperation with the Archives of Tuzla Canton.

Interested visitors will be able to view the exhibition every working day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Rectorate of the University of Tuzla (2nd floor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences).


Rektorica Hadžigrahić otvorila izložbu „Univerzitet u Tuzli Retroperspektiva“