Erasmus Student Network (ESN) na Univerzitetu u Tuzli


The International Relations Office of the University of Tuzla organized on 12 November 2022 the first team-building meeting of University of Tuzla students with the Erasmus Student Network Bosnia and Herzegovina (ESN BiH) team. The meeting was held at the Faculty of Technology in INTERBA Laboratory – Computer Center.

The meeting was opened by Prof.dr. Vesna Bratovčić, Vice-rector for International Relations of the University of Tuzla, who invited all students to actively participate in the activities of launching ESN at the University of Tuzla.

The president of ESN BiH, Merima Selimović and Vice president of ESN BiH, Emina Balić, introduced students to the history of the Erasmus Student Network in Europe and its activities in BiH so far. Representatives of ESN BiH explained the role of the ESN that provides support to international students in the processes of academic and social inclusion, and acts as a link between local and international students.

At the meeting, an action plan for the establishment of the Erasmus Student Network was prepared at the University of Tuzla. Also, student representatives were selected who will actively participate in the implementation of the plan in the coming period.

The idea of the International Relations Office of the University of Tuzla (IRO UNTZ) is to create a larger network of students by establishing the ESN at the University of Tuzla, which will have representatives from each faculty, each study year and each study cycle, in order to create continuity in the work of the network at the University. This fact was emphasized by Mirha Mujkanović, Senior Officer at the IRO of the University of Tuzla, and she also used opportunity of motivate students to get involved and invited other students to apply and become a part of this network of students.

All interested students who want to join our Student Network at UNTZ can send us a short email with name, surname and phone number at

For all additional information, the International Relations Office is at your disposal.

Contact information:
International Relations Office
Dr. Tihomila Markovića 1 (Rectorate of the University of Tuzla, Office no. 11 & 8)
Tel: +387 35 300 526


The first meeting on launching Erasmus Student Network (ESN) held at the University of Tuzla
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