The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has a long tradition in carrying out research activities which range from basic to applied research.


The teaching staff expertise lies in the following research areas:

Fossil and renewable sources of energy research and development

Electricity transmission and distribution research and development; developing new tools used in practical analyses and project designs

Efficient energy use research

Managing safety, reliability and stability of electric power systems using various approaches and algorithms

Electricity market research

Research on distributed energy sources and smart grids in measurement and control devices with two-way communication in electricity production, transmission, distribution and consumption

Electricity quality research

Linear, non-linear and hybrid system of automatic control research

Robotics research – design of various control and sensors systems

Optimal control and signal processing research

Automobile sub-system electronic control unit (ECU) research and development

Research on image processing and analysis for digital photography (robot vision, medical images)

Information and communications technology research

Developing ICT software solutions


Research activities are carried out through implementation of projects supported by:

Doctoral dissertations and masters’ theses research carried out in doctoral and masters’ studies

Research and development projects supported by the interested business sectors (power industry, electrical power industry, car industry, chemical industry, mines)

Projects supported by governmental and non-governmental funds for science (Ministries, SOROS, WUS)

Research and development projects supported by the EU and USA funds for science (European Commission, German/Swiss/British/Norwegian/USA government)


Results of research activities are published in relevant indexed journals (CC, SCI indexes)

(IEEE Transaction, Elsevier, Springer…), other relevant journals (WSEAS, Transactions, Energija/Energy), referent conferences and congresses (IEEE, IFAC, IASTED, WSEAS, MIPRO, CIGRE…), doctoral dissertations (55) and masters’ theses (77).