The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has a long tradition in research activities which began with research in mining and power industry, gradually expanding to an entire area of mechanical engineering and related fields.


Research activities range from basic to applied research and include research, project designs, studies, consultancy, reviews and laboratory analyses.


The teaching staff expertise lies in the following research areas:

Production technology research and development

Energy technology research and development

Thermo-fluid technology research and development

Rapid prototype production research and development

MIM technology research and development

Transport research and development

New product research and development

Eco-engineering research



Research activities are carried out through implementation of projects supported by:

Doctoral dissertations and masters’ theses research carried out as a part of doctoral and masters’ studies

Research and development projects supported by the relevant business sectors (mechanical and metal industry, car industry, electric power industry)

Research and development projects supported by governmental (state level, federation and canton ministries) and non-governmental funds for science (WUS)

Research and development projects supported by EU, EU countries and USA funds for science.



Results of research activities are published in relevant indexed journals in country and abroad, relevant conferences (TMT, DAAAM, RIM), doctoral dissertations (13) and masters’ theses (31).