Support to employees and students



All students of the University of Tuzla can access the information resources of the University (e-mail, e-teaching, applying for exams, review of exams passed, free Internet access within the University) using a single authentication and authorization system, with their user names:
  Students of
– Akademije dramskih umjetnosti
– Edukacijsko-rehabilitacijskog fakulteta
– Ekonomskog fakulteta
– Fakulteta elektrotehnike
– Fakulteta za tjelesni odgoj i sport
– Farmaceutskog fakulteta
– Filozofskog fakulteta
– Mašinskog fakulteta
– Medicinskog fakulteta
– Pravnog fakulteta
– Prirodno-matematičkog fakulteta
– Rudarsko-geološko-građevinskog fakulteta
– Tehnološkog fakulteta
Student support services, including usernames and passwords, can be provided in relevant Student Services upon presentation of a valid index.
University of Tuzla system users can ask for support via the following email addresses:



– Support relating to the maintenance of computer equipment and software.
The request for support should contain:
– user’s name, academic rank/position,
– location with office number,
– short description of the problem,
– the time when the user is available.

 If the users cannot send an e-mail, they can call 278-350 for support.




– Support relating to:
– server delivery of the University web content ,
– problems with e-mail delivery,
– creation and changes of employees’ e-mail accounts and passwords,
– public infrastructure traffic and problems in interaction between University facilities,
– problems with authentication and content filtering,
– the black list.




– Support related to the functioning and use of the software “Student Services”.