The University of Tuzla promoted 14 doctors of science

During the ceremony of the 44th anniversary of the University of Tuzla, on December 23, a promotion of 14 Doctors of Science who defended their dissertations during the past year, was held.

The Rector of the University of Tuzla, Prof. Dr. Nermina Hadžigrahić, and the Minister of Education and Science in the Government of Tuzla Canton, Ms. Fahreta Brašnjić, addressed the present guests and doctors of science.

Rector Hadžigrahić, together with the deans of the faculties at the University of Tuzla, promoted 14 doctors of science, highlighting their academic contribution to the development of the local community, as well as their contribution to the future development of the University of Tuzla and the overall social, economic, and political growth of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a country that needs to primarily rely on skilled young professionals.

The following Doctors of Science were promoted:

Miloš Ilić,
Amra Šakušić,
Erna Delić,
Vanes Tulumović,
Nedim Islambegović,
Adela Jahić,
Razija Spahić,
Ema Obralić,
Zijad Lugavić,
Sanja Selimović,
Jasmin Fejzić,
Merima Ibišević,
Mirsad Šakambet,
Jasmin Zvorničanin.


The University of Tuzla promoted 14 doctors of science

Promovisano 14 doktora nauka